Comprehensive nursing role during conscious

In comprehensive nursing care, passive limb movements are given to comatosed patients to maintain their limb function; conscious patients are provided with exercise of the healthy side limbs, and massage to promote the patient's overall functional recovery, as well as language function training to form simple words

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Objective: To explore the application value of comprehensive nursing in improving prognosis and relieving bad moods of patients with secondary cerebral infarction after craniocerebral injury. Methods: Patients with cerebral infarction secondary to craniocerebral injury in our hospital from January 2017 to October 2019 were selected as the study subjects. According to the random number table method, they were randomly divided into the control group and the observation group, with 40 patients in each group. The control group was given routine nursing care and the observation group was given comprehensive nursing care. The prognosis, the changes of mood before and after nursing, nursing satisfaction, quality of life after nursing, and complications were compared between the two groups. Results: After the implementation of nursing, the good prognosis rate of the observation group was 90.00% (36/40), significantly higher than that of the control group 60.00% (24/40) (P<0>

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